In the show, a little orphan bear-boy named Kit Cloudkicker zips around the sky upon a crescent-shaped metal platform, or airfoil, attached by a tow … Kit also seems to be the most mature out of them as they all idolize fictional heroes like Bullethead, whereas Kit prefers to idolize an actual hero like Baloo (though this might be due to being forced to live on his own for awhile, while the other Aces don't seem to have experienced any of that), even so none of these setbacks seem to affect their friendship in the slightest. Kit is obviously the animal analogue of Mowgli. Similarly Karnage also tortured Kit to get vital information out of him as has happened in "Polly Wants a Treasure" and "Captains Outrageous". The City Official announces that Higher for Hire and Khan Industries have b… The airfoil is an innovative design, built in multiple sections designed to telescope into each other. Name: Kit "Cloudkicker" . Scores of millennials grew up watching TaleSpin, dreaming of carving through the sky like Kit on his airfoil. Fortunately after they brought Dan's suicidal-performances to an end the two bears were back together. (One conpect shot showed the airfoil as oval-shaped.) The Iron Vulture was high above the town, like an enormous black shadow. Obviously the two are a father-son team: Kit helps navigate while Baloo pilots and when in a life-and-death situation they'll work together to overcome the odds. (For more information on the airfoil, see the "Special Technology" section.) (Although Disney never used Kit's long name at all.). Ironically Baloo was right to be wary of Dan when he discovered he was a criminal, and similarly Kit's idolization of Dan began to diminish when Dan started becoming reckless with his intentions. He was voiced by R.J. Williams for most episodes, but Alan Roberts stepped in for a few. Kitbook5.jpg- Scan of a page from the Latvin TaleSpin storybook. Kit sighed blissfully as he leaned back, loving the feel of the airfoil beneath his feet, the plastic handle in his hands, and the rope twanging in the wind. Kitb10.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker running looking worried. In cloudsurfing, Kit hangs onto a tow rope behind the Sea Duck while riding his airfoil, a metal board which allows Kit to skim the clouds and perform stunning aerial acrobatics. Kit Cloudkicker. Also, it is extremely durable, composed of lightweight airplane armor Kit salvaged from the junkyards. Composed out of ordinary metals and having no overly-sophisticated features or design, the airfoil (or air board) is at once a simple and revolutionary device. Early on, he picks up a young stowaway, Kit Cloudkicker, who eventually earns the post of Baloo's navigator and sidekick. Kit Cloudkicker's "airfoil" on TaleSpin, sort of. Kitb7.jpg - Kit and Baloo really look angry. Kit's name is also an abbreviation of the name "Kristopher", though Kit is never acknowledged like this. That’s how it all started, and now Aaron is really close to achieving his dream. Today was a day that would always be remembered by Kit: it was the first day he flew with his airfoil. His first appearance was in the pilot episode and introductory television movie Plunder & Lightning. What is known however is that Kit seems to treat Oscar more like a little brother much like with Molly, especially when Kit defended him when Ernie and the others resented him. Do you prefer Kid or Adult Kit Cloudkicker? The baseball cap was a gift to Kit from Baloo, as a sign of friendship and trust.,, Despite having formerly been an Air Pirate only being mentioned in the pilot of the show, in the. Air surfing involves Kit soaring through their air (usually towed behind a plane) on his boomerang-shaped board known as his airfoil. His ambition was to become a pilot and to purchase his own aircraft. Issue #4 came with a pin of Launchpad (from DuckTales) and issue #5 came with one of Louie in his TS form. Their relationship is somewhat deeper though, with Rebecca showing almost motherly concern at times for Kit. This game involves the adventures of Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker, two bears delivering cargo for Rebecca Cunningham, another bear. Kit's voice actor R.J. Williams, previously played another cartoon bear-cub named Kissyfur from the series of the same name. Initially, Kit was gonna be the biological son of Rebecca, and longing for a father, but the creators found it better if he was made an orphan. Not unless something seriously bad happened and destroyed his self esteem. With Mr Wypyszynski's creation, the board is also shaped like an airfoil – … The curved shape of the airfoil also makes it useful as a weapon — given a boost, Kit can hurl the airfoil like a boomerang, which returns to him after it has flown its course. Jungle aces flying high!" Aaron says that he was inspired by the famous cartoon TaleSpin and the scene where the cute brown bear, Kit Cloudkicker, surfs across the clouds on a device called airfoil while being pulled by an airplane. Kit once chastised Baloo saying “You can't tell me what to do! The pin features Kit Cloudkicker on his airfoil being towed by the ‘Sea Duck’. Possible Names: Kit is techinally the shortname for Christopher. As a result, any misbehavior of his-whether real or perceived-is quick to move her to anger out of her worry for him. Having lived on his own for most of his life, Kit's distrust of adults was apparent in the show. The word "Airfoil" refers to any wing, blade or cross-shaped object, a fitting name for the board. Baloo and Kit are still employees working for Rebecca Cunningham at Higher for Hire. Kit Cloudkicker writing something down on a notepad. However, after Karnage and his men return with the box to their mothership, the Iron Vulture, a young bear-cub named Kit Cloudkicker steals the box and then leads the pirates through a chase sequence that results in him jumping off the ship and cloud-surfing out of the area with his trusty airfoil, hitching a ride over to a tavern owned by Louie, wherein he hides the box. Maybe he'll start training more airfoil flights? He wore his well-worn gray pants and the white t-shirt he had received from Grammy and Gummer. Free shipping for many products! This is a TaleSpin fanfic in which Don Karnage uses a mystical object to make Baloo think he is an infant and unless this is reversed he'll stay like this permanently. Another press of the button and these pieces retract into a compact package Kit stores in the inner back pocket of his sweater for safe keeping. Nintendo was’t the only company to create a TaleSpin game. Outside the odd subtle occasion, there's not a lot of romance between Becky and Baloo: their relationship smacks more of Sibling Rivalry. Kit had the ability to cloud surf; using a crescent shaped metal device called an airfoil and a regular cord attached to the back of the Sea Duck allows him to 'surf' in a similar fashion to someone water skiing, hence this is also referred to in the show as "cloud skiing". Not much is known about Kit's bond with Wildcat as they're rarely seen doing things together, however Wildcat does fill in for Kit in navigating whenever Kit can't do the job, such as when he has school at the same time (though Wildcat's navigation is questionable), and Kit clearly does seem to care about Wildcat, like in "Citizen Khan". All of a sudden, the wind went from a stiff breeze to a torrential gust. Kit would not let himself go like that! TaleSpin logo is on the top center on the front of the pin. Composed out of ordinary metals and having no overly-sophisticated features or design, the airfoil (or air board) is at once a simple and revolutionary device. Kit is a 12-year-old, brown furred, anthropomorphic male bear cub. 1 Plot 2 Gameplay 3 Items 4 Cast of Characters in the Game Baloo and Kit are still employees working for Rebecca Cunningham at Higher for Hire. The origins of the airfoil are unknown. After a year however, he eventually "got sick" of them and attempted to break out on his own. (which could happen) Kit would want to ride his airfoil thingy regardless of his age! Like a big brother Kit does care about Molly greatly, like in "It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck" when the Giant Squid threw her into the air, Kit dove out of the Sea Duck to save her, and like Baloo Kit tends to freak out whenever Molly stows away on the plane during a cargo-run. He can also open it during a free-fall & glide to safety, although the board is much harder to control this way. Name: Kit Cloudkicker Age: 12 Years Old Occupation: Baloo's navigator at Higher for Hire Special Skills: Expert on all makes of planes, sky surfing on his airfoil, getting Baloo out of trouble. Kit had arrived at the airfield with his airfoil and a 40 foot section of rope with a metal bar tied into the end. Kit Cloudkicker: by gambit32: Sat Jan 27 2001 at 18:56:35: Character from Disney's Tale Spin. Quote: "Ya-hoo! Kit with a pair of glasses; ready for action. Reply. Code Lyoko gives us the standard (Overboard), hover-scooter (Overwing) and hover-bike (Overbike) varieties. Baloo gives him the nickname "Little Britches". Kit Cloudkicker serves as navigator aboard Baloo's plane, the Sea Duck, which is in the service of the air cargo service, Higher for Hire. It is a lenticular pin where Kit and his board move back and forth. There is the slight exception of Oscar Vandersnoot, but even when he first met Kit isn't explained. Amazon's Choice for airfoil kite. He wears a green sweatshirt, white dress shirt, a blue and red baseball cap worn backwards and has the ability to "cloud surf" (also referred to in the show as "cloud skiing"). It was morning in the sky above Cape Suzette. $46.73 $ 46. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Outside of such situations however, he did not like Kit to take unnecessary risks, such as doing dangerous tricks or stunts. It was not until he ran away and joined the Air Pirates that Kit discovered the airfoil's true purpose and uses. They seem to have a brother-sister relationship, given that Molly appears to be an only child while Kit's biological relatives are a complete mystery. It aired on on May 11, 1999. Since then Kit and Karnage began treating each other as sworn enemies, and Karnage clearly isn't above inflicting harm on Kit whenever he has the chance, and at least once Karnage has actually tried to murder Kit: this being in the fourth part of "Plunder & Lightning" when Karnage had ordered Dumptruck to throw Kit off the Iron Vulture. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. Nov 18, 2018. FurryWolfFan2648 Aug 29, 2019. ... where the player then controls Kit on his airfoil. Kit Cloudkicker serves as navigator aboard Baloo's plane, the Sea Duck, which is in the service of the air cargo service, Higher for Hire. They landed on some small islet populated only by wildlife. Chapter two of To catch a Jet. At least I don't need to call him "brat" anymore. With the Wyp WingBoard, surfing the clouds is finally a reality. Due to lack of airing time, not much can be said about Kit's relationships with these boys like Ernie, and nothing at all is known on when or how Kit met them all and when they first formed the club. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Baloo would often give his permission for Kit to tow behind the Sea Duck when appropriate, trusting in Kit's skill to let him have some fun. Friends: Baloo Bear, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham, Louie Lamount, Oscar Vandersnoot, Ernie and the Jungle Aces, WildCat Nevertheless, he looked upon the other members of the "Higher for Hire" company as a surrogate family, affectionately referring to Baloo as "Papa Bear" on occasion. 73 $53.00 $53.00. Kit often uses the airfoil during a thrilling pastime of his known as "cloud-surfing," in which he rides the airways at the end of the Sea Duck's tow rope. Kitb6.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing on a yellow airfoil dodging a ring. There have been many intriguing new designs in the progress of aerodynamics, but none so ingenious as Kit Cloudkicker's airfoil. Bonus levels allow the player to control Kit Cloudkicker on his airfoil. A button at the bottom edge of the center piece activates a spring-loaded mechanism, causing the sections to fan out into a boomerang or croissant shape. He warmed to Baloo only after being given the chance to fly the Sea Duck, and even then was ready to leave for greener pastures. This title plays similar to other arcade spaceship shooters like Gradius and R-Type, though it … Well, as I'm not into kids, I prefer that adult one. Karnage was even upset at the defection, and seemed quite happy that Kit seemed to return after turning himself in to protect Baloo and the Cunninghams, only to have it happen again during the attack on Cape Suzette. Baloo also had enough confidence in Kit to keep himself safe on the airfoil when separated and under attack, or when Kit had to be outside for something important. I can buy him using his airfoil to push clouds aside more easily than I can the late-arriving Gizmoduck using his hands to shove that one remaining cloud out of the way. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the board was destroyed by Don Karnage during the Invasion of Cape Suzette, Kit built another one from scratch — without guidance, without aerodynamics manuals, with only pure instinct and his inherent mechanical skills to guide him. The weak points of the airfoil are the joints between the collapsible sections of metal; a sharp impact against the flat of the airfoil might break it. He first encountered Baloo when he hid in the Sea Duck to escape from the Air Pirates because they were trying to find him. Kit Cloudkicker served as navigator aboard Baloo's plane, The Sea Duck.His first appearance was in the pilot episode, “Plunder and Lightning”. It's possible they also have a mutual understanding of each other given that both have lost someone near and dear to them before they met (Kit having lost his parents, Rebecca having lost her husband). Its tapered aerodynamic design and structural equilibrium are perfectly balanced for flight. With the Wyp WingBoard, surfing the clouds is finally a reality. The airfoil resembles flying wing aircraft, such as the Horten Ho 229. She looks in the newspaper and finds that the Mayor has announced a flying contest with a lifetime work contract to Cape Suzette as the prize. While it is not exactly known why Kit began to loath the pirates, one theory is he's seen them commit something so heinous that he began having a change of heart. There have been many intriguing new designs in the progress of aerodynamics, but none so ingenious as Kit Cloudkicker's airfoil. He also shares things in common with Ezra Bridger of. An adult version of Kit, resembling a cross between his classic depiction and Baloo, is slated to appear in the. The frame around the pin is yellow with red and dark yellow buttons representing a hand held game. However, Shere Khan of Khan Industries has also taken an interest in the contest. Kit uses a grey (some artwork I have seen shows it red or cream in color) boomerang-shaped surfboard call an "Airfoil". Millennials grew up watching TaleSpin, dreaming of carving through the sky like Kit on his airfoil. It was not made clear where Kit learned this skill, but he demonstrates at numerous times throughout the various episodes that he is incredibly adept at it. 4.6 out of 5 stars 954. This simple invention has a variety of uses. The hardened exterior of the first airfoil could deflect bullets, but since building his second airfoil, Kit prefers not to test its strength unless absolutely necessary. Age: 12. Evidently the airfoil belonged to Kit Cloudkicker's parents and found its way to their young son after they died. JaneMJ Aug 29, 2019. Though glad to have saved them, Baloo was starting to regret it. Kit kept the airfoil in his possession for many years, pondering its construction and origin. A daring barnstormer and aspiring pilot, Kit uses a collapsible airfoil to glide behind the Sea Duck on a line, and is responsible for much of the derring-do of the series in contrast to his overweight chum. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Disney's TaleSpin (Sega Game Gear, 1993) at the best online prices at eBay! Height: 3' 9". Don Karnage was busy screaming at his men. In certain comics, the airfoil is of a different color, such as in. While he didn't appear in all episodes, Kit is probably the most popular, Kit's orphaning could be based on the fact that orphans were common during the nineteen-thirties, as the Great Depression was responsible for many children being orphaned: some were given up by their families due to depletion of their income, while others chose to orphan themselves on purpose, mainly to avoid burdening their families or to find work to support them, and many had little to no time to enjoy their childhood, some, much like Kit, even had to take care of themselves whether they wanted to or not. He clearly demonstrated his fondness for Rebecca Cunningham's adorable and very beautiful tomboy daughter, Molly, on a number of occasions, having been seen giving Molly "Piggy back" rides, and on one occasion rescuing her on his airfoil (the device Kit uses for cloud surfing - see below). While close Molly does tend to annoy Kit with her spunkiness, which was seen in the same episode, but to date there hasn't been any indication of them getting into a fight or even be mad at each other. Kit Cloudkicker, after all, got his name from... well, kicking clouds. Kit Cloudkicker (voiced by R. J. Williams in some episodes, Alan Roberts in others) is a 12-year-old brown bear cub and the navigator aboard Baloo's plane, the Sea Duck. Remember Kit Cloudkicker? In the Sega game, Baloo and Kit face up against Shere Khan's company in a contest to earn a lifetime work contract from the city of Cape Suzette. The board is almost as big as Kit is; so in order to easily carry it underneath his sweater, he opens and closes the foil with a … You're NOT my dad!” - this was a decision Kit would come to regret[2]. Other options New and used from $39.53. Being on his own and having had to fend for himself all of his life, Kit is very independent and streetwise. Kit has long been my favorite character from any work of fiction, and I really like the thought you put into this revamped design, particularly the hooded sweater with the patches and his airfoil (looks like a piece of a plane's wing, which is an interesting idea!) In Futurama, Amy gets her hoverboard converted into a ironing board when her parents find out that her boyfriend Kif is knocked up. Issue #8 came with a pin of Kit Cloudkicker on his airfoil, in front of a small blue pirate plane. Remember Kit Cloudkicker? In the cartoon, a child bear named Kit Cloudkicker surfed behind a plane on a metal wing, shaped like an airfoil. It isn't fully known how affected Baloo was from this, but Kit himself was devastated for doing it. Occasionally showing a selfish streak, Kit sometimes puts his dreams ahead of those of his friends. Okay. A daring barnstormer and aspiring pilot, Kit uses a collapsible airfoil to glide behind the Sea Duck on a line, and is responsible for much of the derring-do of the series in contrast to his overweight chum. No one besides Kit has attempted to master the art of cloudsurfing, probably because no one is as intimate with the design and properties of the board as Cloudkicker himself, nor as brave. Reply. Despite all this, Karnage may still view Kit as a worthy heir, which was seen in the comic book Pirate For a Day where Karnage actually tried to reintegrate Kit back into the pirates, only to fail. Like a real father Baloo does care about Kit's safety, but there are times when they display negativity toward each other, usually over their job when Baloo slacks off from work, whereas Kit is more devoted, and at least once did the two have a fight: this was in "Stormy Weather" when Kit's cloud-surfing attracted the attention of Daring Dan Dawson, whom Kit began idolizing which made Baloo jealous, and it got worse when they began arguing over Dan, to which Baloo ordered Kit to stay away from him, but Kit didn't take the command well: he snaps at Baloo, throws his hat into Baloo's face and points out that since Baloo wasn't really Kit's dad, he didn't have to listen to him. There's also a Game Gear port which is identical to the Genesis version. As Baloo's navigator, Kit is Rebecca's employee, and he shows a great deal of respect for her as a boss. She shows it to the others who then decide to take part. Essentially, it is a board that Kit can ride on. of aerodynamics, but none so ingenious as Kit Cloudkicker’s airfoil. OraTheRebelKitsune Aug 28, 2019. Reply. Composed out of ordinary metals and having no overly-sophisticated features or design, the airfoil (or air board) is at once a simple and revolutionary device. Personality: Was little tough guy until he came under Baloo's wing. Very bright, with the smarts They also often suffered from poor health, and some even had to stop going to school (and there is even a book that documents people's childhoods at the time, known as, It's possible Kit was surrendered by his parents due to financial problems, and as a baby since he claims in the comic-book. Prior to "Plunder & Lightning", Kit and Karnage may have been quite close, and it's quite possible Kit helped in some of the lootings back then, enough to earn the right to be Karnage's protégé. Reply. Whether it’s wakeboarding, gliding, skydiving, wing walking, or flying with a wingsuit, adventure enthusiasts continue to push the envelope. The Death of Kit Cloudkicker. The 1990s teenage version of Flash Gordon. As Kit, you flew around popping balloons to gain extra points. Fearless and independent, he loves a good adventure. TaleSpin is a game based on the television series of the same name, released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992. 1 like. After the Higher-for-Hire quartet Baloo Riven Kit and Rey saved that C-82 Packet transport-plane from the air-pirates, general Mega requested a chat to hire Kit for his goal in return. In the years Kit has carried the airfoil, it has become his personal trademark — as well as a remnant of his unknown past and unremembered family. Being a homeless orphan, Kit at some point came to live with the Air Pirates, under Don Karnage's tutelage. There were also bonus levels, where players controlled Kit Cloudkicker on his airfoil, a bit like a flying surfboard. Prism Designs Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite Sporting goods.

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