This chapter will walk you through all the ins and outs of scheduling and running your research sessions. Welcome to IxDF Tokyo, Japan's largest IxDF local group. Topics range from career advice, career path after graduation, and Q&A about UX skills. Qué es el UX Research? They publish informative video series, covering everything from fundamentals to what’s next in UX. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. User Research London is hosted in London, UK. She’s also the co-founder of Mule Design, a design company dedicated to making amazing user-centric things. Professionals that work to understand these obstacles are referred to as UX researchers. A (fairly) comprehensive roadmap for anyone looking to get more involved in the UXR community, learn more about research, or hone their skills even further. Check out this list for a full rundown. Top UX Research Methods Discover • Field study • Diary study • User interview • Stakeholder interview • Requirements & constraints gathering Explore • Competitive analysis • Design review • Persona building • Task analysis • Journey mapping • Prototype feedback & testing (clickable or paper prototypes) • Write user stories • Card sorting I had a lot to learn and just a little bit of time to do it, so the best way for me to learn quickly was to throw myself at the mercy of the UXR community. This distinction can be summed up by contrasting \"what people say\" versus \"what people do\" (very often the two are quite different). It finds pain points. では、実際UXリサーチはどのような場面でどう活用すべきなのでしょうか? プロダクトやサイトの成長プロセスに沿って考えていくと、「 企画段階 」「 リリース前の検証 」「 リリース後の検証 」「 改善施策の優先度付け 」の4つのシチュエーションが考えられます。 The best and fastest way to become a great UX researcher is to get out there and start doing UX research. Slack Groups UX and Design Conferences with a Research Focus in 2019 UXR People You Should Be Following Newsletters Blogs Continued Learning Slack Groups Slack groups are perfect for people who want to be consistently involved in the user research and user experience worlds. It hopes to bring research, marketing, design, technology, and business professionals together for a two day conference on user research. It’s a three day event focused on design research. Cons: Because LinkedIn is more of a platform for professionals, most members are not as engaged - typically only sharing links to articles. UX Stories, Design Thinking, Feedback & Problem Solving, etc.). Seek to understand their thinking through their responses and behaviors – and develop a user mental model. The host explains that this Slack group is for people who are interested in the user experience of content, care about words, and want to design and build better digital experiences. Thus, because advertising and marketing people frequently contribute to website development, focus groups are often used to evaluate web projects. Conferences and meetups are a great way to network, learn more about the community, and share insights IRL. UX Collective is a Medium publication that curates stories from authors all over the internet. Pros: The chat room, topic-specific channels, and search box (finally you can search through all your information for the exact piece of information you're looking for!) If you’re looking for information on a specific topic in UXR, it’s likely you’ll be able to find your answer here. Whether you’re completely new to UX, or a professional in the field looking for tips, joining an online community is a great place to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with a common interest! Find out what's happening in UX Research Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Want to learn new things about UX and UXR? If you want to learn more about UX and UXR in a more formal way, a course might be the way to go. It will be hosted from April 3-4 2019 and prices have, in the past, been from $320-600 per ticket. She runs Users Know, hosts a podcast, and has written two books.'s official design community focused on helping those transitioning into the field of UX. It’s a great place to ask questions about design, learn about UX events, and meet other people interested in UX design. Prices and specific dates have not been announced but it will be happening in June 2019 and previous years tickets have been anywhere from $250-450. All in all, it’s a fun read and you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get People Nerds in your inbox. UXInsight is hosted in Utrecht, The Netherlands. UX Design Weekly is a list of UX Design Articles that is curated weekly. These newsletters will send curated content straight to your inbox, helping you stay up to date on the UXR world. The Octopus is a blog by design giant IDEO. So here it is, the list I wish I’d had. They also have a place for longer form and educational posts, DesignBetter.Co. Tickets cost $1475 for a three day pass. We hold regular cafe meetups, study groups and workshops in Tokyo. Start by observing your users through the UX research methods you’ve chosen. It allows you lifetime access to any courses you purchase, so you can learn when it’s convenient for you. Mixed Methods is dedicated entirely to UX research. They have a great collection of resources, and publish stories about everything from having better user conversations to the definition of a product designer. It’s a three day long conference and will be held from May 29-31 2019. Your submission has been received! She continues to write on Medium and publishes a weekly newsletter Q&A where readers can ask her questions anonymously. These blogs are perfect for learning all about new trends, different ways of doing things, and how other people tackle research and design. There are tons of resources out there that can help you learn more about UX and UX research, but I had a hard time finding a good list of resources focused specifically on UXR. Check it out here. It’s hosted from June 6-7 2019 and costs range from $300-400 USD per ticket. The converstions revolve around content, how people experience content -whether it's an error message in an app or a series of articles on an enterprise website. The author, Quintin Carlson, is always adding new chapters that are quick and fun to read. The purpose of primary research is to validate design ideas and concepts early on in the design process. Want to connect with people in UX/UR in real life? This live contact is the first and foremost stage of UX design methodology. So, as I learned, I started working on this list of the places that were helpful to me. Guide to UXR is a great collection of links that can help you answer very specific questions. One of my favorite stories from UX Planet is all about how to design unique products that get the job done for your users. This community describes itself as the #1 community for designers looking to share, learn & grow. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects.There is also a "Community" section which includes links to a daily blog, podcast, meetups, and even job postings! There are tons of resources, both in-person and online, that allow you to learn the ins and outs of UX and UXR. Generally, it’s possible to distinguish between two large groups of methods as qualitative or quantitative. The Methods of UX Research There are various techniques that UX/UI researchers use to achieve results. The certification can be taken online or in conjunction with some universities. It’s full of great blog posts about how to get started in UX, comprehensive lists of tools and books you’ll need to immerse yourself in UX, and even courses. Step 4: Conduct the workshop. From the above UX Research, the insights gained were the following: A very small percentage of GenX people are aware of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Payment. Luke Wroblewski is a Product Director at Google. Mind the Product is dedicated to creating quality content for product managers everywhere. Great group that shares cutting-edge information that's typically a blend of design + tech. The results are numerical or of statistical evidence that help to draw Pros: One major advantage of belonging to one of these communities is getting access to seasoned professionals, and being able to connect with them to build your network. It teaches you what you’ll need to know to be a professional researcher. Typically the newsletter includes a pretty comprehensive list of links, tools, and even features a different designer’s portfolio every week. Leisa Reichelt is the Head of Research and Insight at Atlassian so she reads A LOT about UR and UX. Discover some of the latest UX tools you can also use for wider market research. There’s dedicated space for people to share design critiques, ideas, tools, and sources of inspiration. This group features more than 100,000 UX professionals (including Information Architects, Visual Designers, Product Designers, UI Designers, User Researchers) from around the world. He writes about humanizing technology and gives presentations on design. in design thinking. You can find Q&As with UX professionals, in-depth articles on finer points of UX, and reflections on psychology and UX. If you simply need to understand what research is available across the organization, you might have different groups do short readouts of pertinent findings. The conference will happen on February 15-16 2019 and ticket prices range from $115-600. NN/G is a world leader in UX research. Hexagon UX is dedicated to creating a community for women and non-binary people in UX. A professional UX design firm would recommend conducting research at any stage of the project and as often as necessary. The Insights Association offers certificate programs for people looking to advance their career in UXR. Thank you! They also have a newsletter that curates their top stories, if you’d rather get the scoop in your inbox. UX practitioners can use a wide range of user research methods. Their newsletter is a collection of links from their blog, job opportunities, and upcoming product events. UXR Field Guide is perfect for getting a handle on the basics of why UXR matters. COVID-19 Challenges Can Also Be UX Opportunities As UX professionals, we suddenly find ourselves facing a hugely complex web of interconnected new influences on user behavior. This field guide, of course, is a great place to start, but you can never have too many resources. Slack groups are perfect for people who want to be consistently involved in the user research and user experience worlds. All of the things on this list are still useful to me, and I think they’ll be useful to anyone who works with user research in any capacity. Want even more UX conferences? As you practice UX research, keep up with your reading and learning, as your experience with doing it will make those lessons make more sense, much as working on an engine will make books about engine repair manuals make more sense. A unique facet of user research is the brand of user experience (UX) research which focuses on the feelings, thoughts, and situations users go through as they interact with products, services, and systems. A few months ago, I knew next to nothing about user research. The group primarily consists of those who do research to discuss topics regarding research design and methodology - also the inevitable job posting! LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with others to build a network. A community for User Experience Professionals including those focused in user experience design, interaction design, visual design, creative direction, information architecture, prototyping, user research, Usability Analysis, User Testing, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction to network and share articles on the newest trends in UX. Just request an invite, linking to your LinkedIn profile so the admins can make sure you really work in UX, and you’ll be accepted into the community. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for updates in your inbox. Sign up to join the Slack community here. The group is designed to offer its members a platform to ask questions, opinions, share their current struggles, and offer others feedback, support, and motivation in their UX work and career goals. We have a podcast, a newsletter, and even a handy field guide to help answer all of your burning questions about UX research. He writes about UX design, speaks at conferences and events, and hosts a podcast. It has been going on for 10 years and hopes to inspire UX designers through inspirational talks and hands-on workshops. Laura Klein is a prolific figure in the UX design and research communities. It’s a two day event focused entirely on user research. They focus on user experience, usability and product design. Erika Hall is the author of Conversational Design and Just Enough Research. UXPA is an event that’s close to the hearts of the team here at UI. Last year, tickets ranged from $100-300. Copyright 2018. UX Research matrix with various methods Quantitative research is a methodology used to validate or invalidate hypotheses about people’s behaviours. Get new lessons from the Field Guide delivered every few days. Their articles are full of great insights and offer thoughts from some of the world leaders in UX research, like Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman. Steve Portigal is a writer and speaker focused on user research. Sarah Doody is a UX designer with over 15 years of experience. This can mean anything from design to research. User research You need to get in touch with potential customers and talk to people who share the pains and needs of your target audience. The first thing to know is that there is never a bad time to Strive, formerly the UXR conference, is hosted in Toronto, Canada. Like with any other kind … UX Design Community is a great place to share resources/knowledge amongst other UX Designers, and ask for assistance regarding design problems, which features specific channels such as "design-critiques," "design-inspirations," and "design-events.". Like most Slack groups on this list, because of the instant chat room format, it makes messaging others much easier and make you feel like you’re part of a community. It is focused on UX research and hopes to provide a place for people to learn about what’s next for UX research. Remember, UX research is about observing, understanding, and analyzing. Something went wrong while submitting the form. They also have a blog and a podcast which are full of great ideas about UX research. Even a mature expert will tell you that high-level research can be conducted with a paper, a pen, and a voice recorder . Julie Zhou is the VP of Product Design at Facebook. The Design Thinking Group is a great way to stay up to date with the latest articles, workshops, conferenes, etc. It may sound like money we … It’s hosted in Boston, we went last year and learned a lot about UX researchers. A community for User Experience Professionals including those focused in usability, human factors, interaction design, visual design, user interface design and information architecture to network, collaborate, share ideas, etc. Dedicated to students who welcome life with a beginner's mind. You can learn the basics of UXR, or take more comprehensive courses. Remember that you’re still learning. The majority of them do not check and forward spam messages. It’s full of passionate UX researchers who love to chat with and help out fellow researchers. It's a fun site to explore! She wrote the Making of a Manager, which is a handbook for new managers. People with an advertising or marketing background often rely solely on focus groups to expose products to users. Majority of the members share articles related to the state of UX, newest insights from research, and even announcements of UX conferences. Cons: The only disadvantage that comes to mind is the amount of notifications or posts that appear on your newsfeed (all depending on how large and active the group is). They’re great for asking specific and pointed questions, commiserating with fellow professionals about the pains of the job, or just nerding out about UR and UX. The posts can range from serious conversations about user research and designing amazing user experiences to whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. It focuses on helping attendees up their research skills and brings together people from product, design, and research teams to do it. Udemy is a great resource for both free and paid courses. Last year, tickets ranged from $600-750. El UX Research se refiere, por tanto, a la investigación del usuario con el fin de conocer sus preferencias, sus necesidades, sus particularidades y emociones… pues todo esto va a dictar su comportamiento con respecto a nuestro producto. Cons: One downside of Slack is the constant bombardment of incoming messages and notifications - it can get a little overwhelming! It’s hosted from March 13-15 2018 and costs have not been announced but previous years tickets have ranged from $300-800. She puts all the best links in her weekly newsletter, usually focused on user research, design, and strategy. The UX/UR world is full of interesting thought leaders that will help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. Inside Design is a blog all about design by InVision. He writes about his experiences on Medium. The previous three steps of planning will adequately prepare you to guide the discussion, and understand if unplanned discussions that pop up are off-topic or meaningful tangents. UXLondon is hosted in, you guessed it, London, UK. Leave a comment :). Things like conferences and courses. It features stories about design, product, and user experience that are fun to read and well written. It is thus dangerous to rely on t… He helps the startups acquired by GV create better research plans and shows them how to use research to their advantage. As such, UX research involves continuous questioning and evidence gathering—a process whereby findings and insights from the study of people are used to create intuitive, human-centered experiences. While they are not focused entirely on research and UX, Mind the Product is a great read for any UX or UXR professional wanting to understand the product side as well as the research side. It’s a one-day conference and will be held on May 10 2019. Collect more insights and pain points which may not come up with other methods. Curated list of the best user experience communities online, including UX Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Slack Groups and individual forums. Their courses span tons of topics, including User Experience Design. Unfortunately, focus groups are a rather poor method for evaluating interface usability. EPIC2019 is hosted in Rhode Island, but is hosted in different US cities every year. A community built around design within the context of technology. “The most impactful research is when it’s multidisciplinary in its approach. The invite-only structure ensures that everyone who joins is a UX professional interested in contributing to the community. They have locations in most major US cities, as well as a few international ones. The Give Good UX Company of Friends community on Facebook is exactly that: a group of friends! My personal favorite is this story about an aggressive parking lot AI. Coursera is another great option for people looking for more structured courses. InVision creates amazing content that dives deep into what makes design great, from user experiences to research. User Interviews is, of course, a fantastic place to find great insights on the user research world. Here’s a guide for UX designers or those who simply want to understand user research … It will be a three day conference focusing on ethnography and research in the design industry. It’s a one day event with workshops the day before. Primary research is the simplest (and perhaps most effective) way to come up with data to get a better understanding of the audience for which you’re designing. But it sure felt that way. Designer Hangout is an exclusive/invite only network of UX designers who actively discuss insights and give each other advice. Its catalog includes courses from universities all over the world. Have a suggestion for an amazing UX Design Community? Udemy allows students to rate courses, so you can find one that provides value to you easily. all make the Slack platform unique. He writes articles, books, and even hosts a podcast. We strive to create quality content all about user research. Focus groups are often used within the UX industry to generate ideas for possible new products or services, but may not always be the best method to use. You can enroll in some courses for free, and choose to pay for a certification when you finish the course, or you can pay to be enrolled monthly. UX Research Organizations Lastly, join 1-2 user experience research organizations, such as the User Experience Research Professionals Association or the Design Research Society to see if there are any upcoming events you can attend. It offers comprehensive introductions and more focused courses. UX research tools knowledge. Because Facebook is more of a casual platform, the posts and replies seem to be more like conversations. UXDC is a Slack community all about UX design. Focus groups have a reputation for generating ideas, the theory being that listening to other peoples' thoughts and insights triggers fresh ideas. This (large) LinkedIn community is made of UX professionals from around the world. Design Research 2019 is hosted in Sydney, Australia. When the first websites and online services of what we used to call the ‘new media’ era were being built there were no user experience researchers or agencies to turn to. Dribble is like Pinterest for designers to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. This highly qualitative UX research method helps to get to know users personally. But above that, a UX researcher must handle tools for finding, targeting, and reaching interviewees, for data storing and sharing. They also have a great Slack community. The format of UX Mastery is like a forum, similar to Reddit, encouraging members to post in discussion boards organized by category (i.e. Michael Margolis is a UX Research Partner at Google Ventures. The purpose of attitudinal research is usually to understand or measure people's stated beliefs, which is why attitudinal research is used heavily in marketing departments.While most usability studies should rely more on behavior, methods that use self-reported information can still be quite useful to designers. UXHK is hosted in Hong Kong. There are numeruos chapters in different locations (international) that involve menotrship programs, and attending meetups or interacting on their social media pages would make for great networking! Whether it’s following them on Twitter, keeping up with their blog, or reading one of their books, you can count on these people to keep you in the loop. The Slack community is dedicated to having conversations, sharing content, asking for advice, and even job hunting. They also have local events and mentorship opportunities that help young people in UX grow their careers. Given Slack’s instant messaging, you can get answers to all your questions in real time from experts in the field, find a mentor/mentee, and also find out about local events, job opportunities, and invites to Q&A sessions. If you’re interested in the research aspect of UX Design, the UX Researchers Association, is great group to ask questions, or seek advice on some great resources (lots of members post links to great UX articles). User research — an essential part of the design process that shouldn’t be overlooked by UX designers. Generally, it’s possible to distinguish between two large groups of methods as qualitative or quantitative. His newsletter focuses on SaaS and entrepreneurship, but includes a lot of great insight on how to learn from your customers. Jake Knapp is the creator of the Design Sprint and spent 10 years at Google. Find over 2 UX Research groups with 353 members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Pros: I find Facebook groups to be the most helpful, especially when it comes to asking for advice, or just hearing people vent about the challenges they face in their careers. Full of helpful, good natured people :). Here's a curated list of the best user experience communities online, including UX Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Slack Groups and individual forums. Get UX research lessons delivered to your inbox. Get expert help testing, localizing and launching your product in Japan. Why Once you've conducted UX research, you need to analyze it in order to glean valuable insights. Hiten Shah is a three-time startup founder of CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, and Quick Sprout. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Newsletters are a great way to stay on top of what’s happening in UX and UR communities. UX Beginner is a great place to start if you’re new to UX design and research. Hexagon is a community of women and non-binary folks in UX who support each other through the different stages of their careers, welcoming current and aspiring designers, researchers, writers, content strategists and program managers across the user experience space. UX research is the key to grounding ideas in reality and improving the odds of success, but research can be a scary word. Jared Spool is the founder of UIE, a UX design company based in Boston. She writes a blog and speaks about UX design regularly. The data you collect from primary research allows you to design meaningful, user-centered solutions. It’s a collection of nine short posts that cover what’s great about UXR and how you can do better research. The research team got creative and looked for heavy travelers on social media and in social groups. About Maxwell Forrest, Japan UX Specialist. UX Planet is a Medium publication that focuses on everything user experience. He wrote Sprint and Make Time and continues to publish his thoughts on Medium. Designer Hangout is an invite-only network of design professionals with over 15,000 people in their network. Oops! It will be held from November 10-13 2019. How to Become a UX Researcher (No Experience Needed) If you have a knack for understanding people and figuring out what makes them tick, a career in user experience (UX) research might just be the right fit for you. They also have a podcast that talks about how large companies create great products at scale. Dear Designers is a community of people at different stages in their design careers - making it a safe place to ask questions and get answers from experienced designers who come from the startup, agency, and big software company worlds. © 2020 User Interviews Inc. All rights reserved. Then, I added some places I could see being really useful as I got more advanced. They also have a newsletter if you’d like to receive all the latest stories by email. Of course you do. General Assembly is a great place to learn and to meet people in your area that love the same things you do. Although focus groups can be a powerful tool in system development, you shouldn't use them as your only source of usability data. UX and Design Conferences with a Research Focus in 2019. Let’s take a look at some examples of primary research: People Nerds is the dscout blog that focuses on conversations about what makes people tick.

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