It’s not a big deal if a wether is mounting other goats. However, some goats are bullies. How do i go about making sure they are warm enough and also when they should be out. Hi, I have 4 goat kids about 4 weeks old. Explainer thanks Steeve D. Côté of Université Laval and Joel Berger of the University of Montana. I was thinking in terms of able to open the door, swing it in perhaps above the hay……say when snow is blowing in…. Our bottle baby is 10weeks old and polled and the other is 8weeks but with horns. I have 2 weather goats. The buck is only there when we are with them and watching. I have heard of horned rams fighting until one died, but not goats. His eyes were operating independently of each other — one going one way, and the other one going a different way, and he was stumbling around. The older one is always headbutting her companion!!! Can we house them together while they are small? And everyone ignores the kids … usually … unless one tries to nurse on a doe that is not its mama! It’s just the way their social hierarchy works. I have two female goats that are different breeds around the same age one is alot bigger than the other. We had several 2 year old pygmy wethers and lost one recently. The rear heel pad of bobcat prints are typically in the shape of an "m." It doesn’t usually last for even a day, but there’s nothing you can do change goat nature. You could put them in two pens that are side by side so that they have time to get used to each other and can make faces at each other through the fence. They will do whatever they want when you’re not there. By then the kids are really on their feet and can handle it if another doe butts them. I keep putting lots of hay all over but she keeps chasing the new goat and won’t leave her alone. The horned ones will realize they have an advantage and tend to be bullies. We introduced them to each other yesterday and the 8week old is beating up the bottle baby. Luckily it’s over when they are not in heat any longer, so it only lasts a day or two. They were bottle fed by someone and we purchased them together around 8 months of age. I’d put her outside first thing in the morning so that they have all day to get things worked out in the pasture. We have since gotten the Lamacha male a new home and are waiting anxiously for Pepper to give birth. I am a new goat mom! He’s been in the pen for about a week, and has started to butt the does in the sides. Mother and daughter. You didn’t mention how they responded when you introduced them. Thank you for the tip. Sorry I forgot to proof read that message. – we need to put a door up, how high the door can be above the ground, so they don’t try to get under it and get hooked somehow. When starting a herd, you need to start with two does in one pen and then two males in another pen — either two bucks or a buck and a wether (castrated male). I have a three day old kid that was rejected by its mama and I am now bottle-feeding. Is she only doing this because she’s pregnant and will she stop once she has the babies or is my only solution to put a pool noodle on her horns so she doesn’t kill my male. It doesn’t usually last for more than 15 to 30 minutes at most. My concern is that the females are half the size of the males. We will see how they go in a week or so. Thank you for your article! One of the hardest things for humans to understand is why goats are so mean to each other. I was wondering if this will ever pass or should he be given a friend to allow him his own herd? If you have other goats, it would help a little to put them with the rest of the goats because the head butting would get spread around a little rather than it just being these two butting heads. It is late to build another shed, the one we have is large enough to fit in 10 goats… What can we/should we do? It’s not usually much — less than a tablespoon. It that particular case the mountain goat was known to harass hikers and had been around humans before. Your question should have been posted directly under the comment where someone mentioned using Vicks, if you wanted them to respond. They probably receive treats and so they are happy to see you. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. I would wake her up and she’s very disoriented. It can get especially scary if the underdog is pregnant. They all will have horns. These are the only two we have, will they ever get along ? The other one clearly knows his place at the bottom. It sounds like you’re concerned that the goat will not be as friendly with humans if the doe continues to be mean to him. Hi, I have 2 2 year old wethered males, 1 was disbudded and the other still has horns. They only keep fighting as long as both are holding out hope that they can be the top goat. Banihal-At least 40 sheep and goats were killed in an attack by leopards in a mountainous area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban district, officials said on Friday. If you try to put it back in there after a couple of weeks, it’s going to cry a lot because by then it doesn’t know that it’s a goat. He keeps looking for a place to jump over fence .it is 5 ft he will not stop.I have added more fence making it taller . Whats the problem? Dingo attacks are somewhat common in Australia, particularly on young children. Thank you! Either he has tried to nurse recently, or she “thinks” he may want to, so she’s just letting him know that he is no longer her baby. Here is more on goats in winter — That is not normal behavior for a goat. Since goats are herd animals, they want to be with other goats, so if you don’t have another buck or a wether to be with your buck, he will be trying to get back in with your does constantly. They are Nigerians.Then we rescued a five yr large goat and her wether who is four months old. The other one, however, is acting like a buck. I’m am desperate to help them. Hopefully he’ll learn that if he just lays down, that makes it difficult for another goat to really hurt him. Basically you are completely overwhelming the goat’s sense of smell so that they can’t smell anything else. There WILL be head butting, but assuming they are equally matched (similar size and horn status), it is highly unlikely that she will actually hurt him. You need to call around and find a vet that can do a c-section, if needed, and ask ahead of time what the cost will be. Had brother (a wether) and sister tollengburg living together in 1/3 acre field for 12 years. She is still the same size today so I don’t think she was birthing and since I took him away she stopped bleeding after about 2 or 3 days . Hi. ok, we built a door, locked the three in for the night. The drarf seems to be the one picked on by the others. Actually got them to keep poison ivy down. Every now and again, a goat might wind up with a little blood on the top of its head, especially if it has scurs, but long-term injury is extremely rare. My buck appears to be very aggressive with the female. If they are really thin, you can use hoof trimmers to round them off so that they aren’t pointy. Are there any pros and cons to them? They live in the same pen together. Since then, the two does pick on him a lot and there’s not much he can do about it with 3 legs. It’s starting to get cold so I took him in there myself and they still ran him out. 2. Im worried will the bigger goat hurt the baby . For NDs that means they should be at least 40 pounds, or you could be looking at a c-section in five months. Now, we are not sure if the Nubian is pregnant, but Pepper the Nigerian definitely is. Just acquired 2 nubian wethers 10 weeks old. You can try feeding them in separate stalls in the barn or placing their hay feeders far apart. Three weeks ago, I added a 6 year old Nigerian/Pygmy cross doe. If you have to deal with a goat like this a lot, you can try to train it out of charging people through positive and negative reinforcement. Having horns definitely makes them more dangerous. Goat’s immunity can lower with their age, and various health problems often creep in and that affect the goat’s good te… Thank you for your quick response, I’m new at this, they are pets mostly. There is a picture of a goat skull in my book, Raising Goats Naturally, which shows you that the horns are part of the skull. Do you think we should introduce a 3rd goat or just keep these 2 separated for a few more months. If they start going after the other doe’s kids, I’d stay and watch until they get a little more relaxed. I have 2 does that are the same age. Every goat has to have a place in the pecking order, which does not necessarily translate to their relationships with people. Trauma can cause a miscarriage in the last month, but the only time I’ve had that happen was when I had one poor goat that was at the very bottom of the pecking order and multiple goats were butting her constantly. Most mountain goats roam the vast open spaces of Alaska and Canada, where they tend to have very little contact with humans. So much! The two new goats are okay with the doe and will let her in the coop but if our other male comes near it they head butt him away. What can we do about this? After a few hours, one of the mix’s ‘caps’ got knocked off and it’s bleeding alot. Is there any prevention that i can take for the goat to hit us with her head when she gets big. #1. We have two does purchased and brought home at the same time with our dwarf donkey. We had 3 goats, a lamancha, Nubian, and a Nigerian mini. This is totally normal behavior. Separating your boys will (1) make them very unhappy when they are apart because they are herd animals and need a friend, and (2) cause even worse head butting when you put them back together as they have to establish dominance all over again. Do not “play” butting heads with her when she is small because she will continue to do that as she grows up. They are our pets. Another dangerous goat diseases that might passed to humans listeriosis. How long do I give them to adjust to a new home? This doesn’t usually last more than a day or two — if you keep them together. Afraid of him. The new goat is so timid. What can I do? This type of thing can happen, although it’s pretty rare. A lot of goats wind up getting dehydrated if they are too weak to walk to the water bucket. You should not keep a buck with your does because of this type of situation. I try to feed them separately so the new buck can get plenty of feed, but I’m worried as to where he doesn’t fight back if he will be picked on forever. Some does are more quiet and docile than others when in heat, but some months can be worse than others. Does rarely hurt each other. They are not hormonal because they’ve been castrated. I’m trying to get them used to each other and she didn’t treat my other Nigerian Dwarf like this. However, neither of those goats had horns. Oh sure, baby goats LOOK adorable and all cuddly and great, but they have a dark side. I kept him and his brother in a smaller pen while he recovered (about 6 weeks) then put them all together again. If the door is open, I wouldn’t worry about them going inside. Before he got sick they would head butt and challenge each other but this is much worse. Can you explain how/why this will make a difference? Got a question about today’s news? It could be confusing about whose kids are whose if they both kid overnight or when you’re not there. I kept them all together to breed until one of the bucks lost a foot in a fence accident. TIA. She is so adorable to the smaller doe and her kid. Many people are afraid of rats and with good reason. The problem is the horns, not the gender. She rams into her as soon as she sees the kid. At night I have them seperated so they don’t hurt the mini. Having them outside where one can run away is also a good idea. I have a 5 month old baby doe STILL living in the house & I plan to put her in our barn next week. Remember he is capable of running away. You can scratch her behind her ears or under her chin. When I tried to bring my wether back in with her, mom wants nothing to do with him. I have two feeders, two water buckets, and multiple climbing areas so she can get away from him but I’m worried he’s going to hurt her. Herbivores like mountain goats are susceptible to rabies, but infections are rare. I have separated them because he is relentless and I have not seen this type of discharge before. It is also important to be sure that you have plenty of space for all the goats to fit in front of hay feeders and feed pans. If your does are at least 2/3 of their adult weight, they can be bred now, but do you want kids in 5 months? You need to get him a buddy FAST before he learns bad habits that he will teach to his new friend. We recently acquired a buck. She is not adorable to them. Now the mama and 2 year old goat ram and go after the other goat. I waited until they were They don’t all do it, but it happens. I have 2 kids about 4 months old, they were separated from my other 3 goats but the other 3 broke through the barrier between the 2 enclosures, which is ok, they all get a long except the babies are supposed to have access to grain (as much as they want) but I can’t keep it in there anymore because the other goats at it all and head butt the babies if they try to go near the feeding dish! If the girls are out of sight, they shouldn’t butt heads too much beyond the first day or two. Can Maybe update you for learning purposes. Plenty of space. The mother is due in about a month. I think he said that all three of his goats were horned, not just the buck. THe males can be made less pushy by putting vicks under their nose. She also still looks pregnant because she eats constantly and chases the others away from food even though we have multiple hay sources and pans for the grain feed. It seems to escalate with me in the pen. He is still sad after 1 month there. I would not want goats like this to be together. They need to be kept separate from the beginning or the bucks will get the does pregnant MUCH earlier than they should be bred. Will he be ok. It’s a dominance thing. We have an old doe that does not get pregnant (hormone issues) but does go into heat. They have been together for several years. Usually goats butt heads a lot when they are new to each other, then it calms down as the pecking order has been established. If the does are on pasture, the younger one will get plenty to eat. I’ve also noticed where he was disbudded it’s growing back, just on the one side! The blood is way more then a table spoon , it leaks out to a small puddle every time she naps or lays to chew her cud . Thank you in advance for any advice. She’s 10 years old, and has never been breed. They are getting on well & having lots of fun. one boy and one girl. It doesn't feel threatened by people. Other than for breeding, males and females should be kept separate anyway, so hopefully when you remove the boys, they will get along fine together again. The rest of the butting of kids is about teaching behaviour . The horns won’t break off from head butting. My Olberhasi died in November 2018 from urinary calculi. They hang out every day side by side along a wire fence, with the dad goat who has been recently castrated. We only have two goats and don’t plan on expanding our “herd” lol. They have been together since birth and they are 5 years old now. I do hope he is castrated (wethered) so that he doesn’t get her pregnant. There is snow on the ground. Might rules, but so does nepotism. Still, they can obviously do a lot of damage. How strong is the abdomen of a pregnant goat about a week or two away from delivering? Don’t get a kid. Sheep and goats are a better match than 2 breeds of goats especially if some are seasonal and others non seasonal breeders. I have a mother and daughter pair that are both pregnant and about 3 months apart. If they are wethers (no testicles), then they can be together. And what should I do to help with it? I refuse to sell a single goat to anyone for this reason. This video is just for demonstration and entertainment purposes. Our newly adopted pygmy wether was butting with one of our 2 Nigerian wethers yesterday when we brought him home . Any suggestions on how to calm him down. However, some goats can just be jerks to each other. If he is the only goat, that’s why he is trying to jump the fence. It is normal for a doe to do that to her older kids when she has new ones. Any ideas of how or what I should do? It is a rare but serious disease caused by the germ Listeria monocytogenes that usually transmitted by eating or drinking foods contaminated with the germ.While goats milk is undoubtly healthy, unpasteurized milk and other product made from it, also cold cuts are the foods most likely to transmit listeriosis. One raised by my sister, the other raised in the barn . Hello we recently bought a mom goat (Millie) & her 2 babies (boy & girl) in July. This is not at all normal breeding behavior, and you should see ZERO blood during breeding. Now the 2 does will not stop fighting when we put them together. Some people refer to grain as “goat crack” because they will literally eat themselves to death. They have two pastures, two feeders , two grain feeders and two separate water buckets. HELP. I am very sad to hear that someone sold you a buck and a doe. It’s highly unlikely that he will hurt her unless they have horns. The wether is with my mini horse. I am new to goats so this is turning me off owning then if this is the norm . But the male with horns also shows aggression towards us, my girls who are 6 and 3 are terrified of him because he head butts them all the time. Tonight she wouldn’t go in even though it started raining (she’s inside with me now). They have remained separated from the males but I am trying to slowly introduce them during the daytime. No horns on the guy, thank goodness!! If you separate them and put them back together daily, that’s just going to make things worse. There is nothing you can do. It has nothing to do with whether or not the second one gives birth. and a she was butting heads with another doe that had no horns and the next day the no horned goat is stumbling around and can’t see. Some people actually keep a wether with their does to let them know when the does are in heat. It is almost like she is stalking them. It’s a not a good idea to have horned goats with goats that have no horns because the horned ones have an unfair advantage. Doe dies. I don’t like to put a single doe (with kids) back with everyone else because she usually gets the snot beat out of her. Most attacks on small livestock and pets are by coyotes or free-ranging dogs, rather than bobcats. I just got another doe who is around the same age and I have introduced them to each other. I’m concerned about the recently wethered dad head butting too roughly or trying to get up to his old horny tricks, even though he’s no longer viable. This morning we watched a male goat kill an elderly goat by budding her knocking her down breaking her legs and continuing to ram her over and over and over again is this normal go behavior? Each doe had twins 4 days apart and I’m not sure when I should put everyone back together. If you put two or three does back with the herd, then the head butting gets spread around. also will the goats know when to go inside their home when it is too cold or is there certain times i should be keeping the door shut in their home so they can’t go in and out all the time? You should never have horned goats with goats that do not have horns as the horned goats know they have the advantage and can get really mean. I penned her with the other Doe so she could give birth but nothing . They will butt the other kids if one tries to nurse off the wrong doe. He had a significant injury in December and lost his “rank” he’s healed 100% now so I don’t know if he is really trying to show who’s boss. thanks! We picked up two 3 month old Nigerian wethers to keep him company. (It’s hard to spend a career studying the animals without suffering a nasty gash or two.) Some bucks are less respectful than others and will drive does crazy constantly trying to mate them, even if they are pregnant already. A reputable breeder would NOT have sold you an intact buck and a doe and told you to keep them together. I have one ND weather that has decided to start ramming into one of my smaller goats, and when we are harnessing the alpacas to take them out, he rams them in the legs also. When you breed a large buck to a small doe, there is a very high risk of the kid being too large for the doe to successfully give birth. Usually when there is a big difference between two goats, the fighting doesn’t last very long because it’s obvious who the boss is. I meant abominable. However, the more you separate them, the longer it’s going to take for them to work things out. I wouldn’t try to guess whether the blindness is permanent. The flight distance varies a great deal depending on the situation the sheep or human is in. Is this normal? The only thing about being in the barn is that they *might* be able to pin her against the wall, but at 5 months, she’s probably big enough that they can’t do that. They came to me when they were 2 months old. It wasn’t aggressive but because the Nigerian has horns and the pygmy doesn’t he broke off his scur and there was a bit of blood. If you mean that the dominant doe won’t let the other one near the hay feeder, that makes total sense, but don’t worry about it because once the dominant one has her fill, she’ll go lay down to chew her cud, and then the other one can eat. Sounds like she is trying to hide, which is typical for prey animals when they are injured. Recently the mother has been picking at all the other critters on the farm including the other goats. I am not sure what to do. Now I am planning to bring my old wether back home this week. the opening should be on the side of the shelter away from the prevailing winds so that wind is not blowing into the shelter. Goats are hardy animal. It’s hard to know what motivated Saturday’s attack. Suggestions? Generally in normal condition, a goat can survive for about 12 to 14 years. On the bright side we thought we were going to lose a baby goat to some internal injuries when a dog was playing too rough. We live 5000 feet. Just like humans, sheep like to maintain a distance, or safe zone, between themselves and others. I have two 6 year old wethers who have always lived together. We are feeding them well and want them to naturally mate. If he was in there for more than three weeks, that was enough time for her to come into heat and get bred. Kids bounce pretty well if they’re just hit in the middle of nowhere, especially after they’re a few days old. You can’t make him stop. Thankfully, goats are much smarter than sheep in this area, as I have not heard of goats killing each other. If they seemed to be okay with each other after a few minutes, then you can leave them together, but if not, then it might help to have them share a fenceline for a few days until they get used to each other. My question is, when I am out with them my first doe does not like the new doe coming around me and she will head butt her so hard it knocks the new one over. It’s unlikely that the bigger goat will hurt the baby. Anyways I don’t need kids that bad to have this happen , maybe because he has horns ? Love your site , super informative. I just added a 5 year old pregnant doe to my herd of a Nursing doe, buck and 2 2.5 month old babies (buckling and doeling). Thank you. stomping at her and making weird noises. She probably acts the same way around food. Some are gentlemen, but some will run does ragged trying to mate them all the time, even if they are not in heat. I have 2 goats – both female – they get along 90% of the time but every now and then the one picks on the other so bad she can’t lay down or eat – what should I do? Any tips on getting the mean one to be nicer to the sweet horned goat? The female goat is very aggressive and butting the baby in the side. We have had a bottle baby for a few months and just got another buckling. When I pen breed, I only see about one out of three does get bred. I didn’t know that I should have got two?? With the sheep, if he was not castrated, that would have also caused him to be more aggressive. Goats are herd animals and need a friend. Kids that age probably won’t hurt her, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. I separated them. ( so was the baby boy) We want to put them all back together soon and would appreciate any advice. So, it would take as much force to break off a horn as it would to break off a leg. I bought three new bucks of almost same of age. The size difference could be a problem. I have two Nigerian wethers – brothers who will be 2 in September. I have a male and female goat. But if these are the only two you have, you’ll just have to wait it out for a little while. They are both 6 months old. At what age should you separate a young buckling from the rest of the herd? In national parks where the mountain goats are an introduced species, they have become so accustomed to people that they’ll let hikers come within a few feet. I was also wondering about how much food I can give it. You could let them share a fenceline for a couple of days, or you could just put them together and see how they do. Pay attention to the weight on the previously dominant one. Goats do not need heat during the winter as long as they are dry. Thanks so much for the response. Do you have any experience with a doe acting bucky? If she is a 50/50 LM-ND cross, then she should be at least 65 pounds before being bred. I never say anything is impossible, but I have never heard of two does hurting each other when head butting — unless one was pregnant. Any suggestions? Should i leave the new one in the stable with them from day one? Can I leave a 3 month old buck with two wethered goats that are 10 months old? Our pygmy seems to focus on the smallest Nigerian and will slam him against the fence/wall when he gets the chance (he head buts the pther one too but that one stands up for himself more). We previously had a sheep that we also gave bottle too and he became so aggresive when he got bog that we couldnt go near him. Because my black one chased him around. They usually stay quite warm in winter because they grow a thick undercoat of cashmere. I think the bigger goat is still recovering so is not as strong as he used to be. And any advice on how to fix this so they all share a home? Goats and sheep really should not be alone because they are herd animals. He may be on top or near the bottom. I really hope you mean WETHER — a castrated male — and not an intact buck. N. I am a new goat momma. And the set up in half inside a barn and half outside. (I never say never, because very little is impossible.). If the buck has been with the does for months, then the doe is probably pregnant. 1. I want to know why is it that billy goats headbutt people in the rear end the minute you bend over? In this case, absolutely, because the one goat is being bullied so badly. Thank you! It’s out of character for him. You could also take the younger one aside or put her on a milk stand to give her a cup of grain per day until she regains body condition. Dogs go after goats individually or in packs, with pack attacks being the worst. If it’s cold and raining, and they won’t let him in, you might need to come up with a temporary alternative. We acquired 4 pregnant Boer does the end of December. The best of friends however the little goat was pregnant when i got her and has just given birth. We got them when they were 2 months old. What is the best way and best time to try to reintroduce it to the herd? She’s about to have her baby and I don’t want him hurting the baby when she has it but they are brother and sister and have never been separated before so I know it will stress both of them out. The most you can do is try to eliminate the cause of the butting. Is there anything we should be doing to ease the transition? My black older one got aggressive and making noises. It depends on the individuals. I usually wait until the kids are at least a few days old before putting them with other moms and babies. I wouldn’t be too worried about it unless the pygmy has horns. There is no way of knowing how they’ll interact in the future. Will they get along over the time? They might still try to nurse off another doe, but they can handle a quick butt easier, and they learn quickly by then because they’ve already been nursing off their own mom for awhile. Early in pregnancy, head butting won’t be a problem for the pregnancy. Any suggestions? also do the nigerian goats know when to go inside their house when they are cold from the wind? Their lifespan can vary depending on their raising purposes, whether you are using them for breeding and for how long. They didn’t eat much but I’m very scared and can’t seem to find much online. It makes me angry that he is being mean to him. Should I keep him separate from them? Or just share a fence line… I want them to breed when he is big enough, I don’t want them to hurt him or hate him. One of the males has been caught ramming into the side of the females. Two days later the other doe had a premature birth and the baby died. What’s going on with him?? Looking forward to your newsletter. If optic nerves were damaged, they may or may not repair themselves. The doe and one of the weathered have been together for years. If she was due to kid now, she would have a large udder so that she could feed her kids when they’re born. If you think the one is still not healthy, you can separate them again for a few more days, but eventually you will have to put them back together, and they will go through this to establish who is in charge. They really need a companion. Horned goats can be really mean to those without horns because they have an unfair advantage. In fact, you might try using a drench syringe to see if she needs water now. We just brought home a 2 month old pygmy. You can cancel anytime. Raising Goats Naturally: The Complete Guide to Milk, Meat, and More,,, They are usually loose and may even get knocked off during head butting. When one goat has horns, he knows he has more power, and he is taking advantage of that. I’m very nervous about moving her from the house to the barn. I know it’s normal to butt heads to establish order and sometimes they will bleed, but should I try and keep them separated a little until it is fully healed? Typo. She was totally fine with them, and her kids taught them to be goats. No one can predict when the does will come into heat, but since it’s fall, which is typically breeding season, they will probably come into heat sooner rather than later. At least they only come into heat every 21 days. We have been giving the other doe limited time with mum and kid outside and she is still butting at this stage. One of my concerns is that the two little ones wont end up as friendly; because usually whenever I go into the field the old wether always runs up to me. If this is a buck, they need to be separated immediately. The 2 year old also will ram my husband She’s smart enough to back into a corner and stand still, but the OP may need to watch for the possibility of heatstroke if the wether starts running the doe. I was planning on separating the bucks from the does once the babies are born. The babies have grown very well and have horns just like their mom and dad. Usually they work things out within an hour or so, but some can be more bossy than others. It can be scary to those of us looking on and tends to be especially bad when a new goat is introduced to the herd. We just got two 1 month old baby females, one of my males is not letting the females around him! Although attacks against humans are few and far between, mountain goats are among the most aggressive ungulates toward their own species. The younger one needs to put weight on she’s skinny after having triplets. We are hoping that pinning her up and letting her rest a few days will help the situation. She is very food aggressive as she was neglected before. Hi Christine I think the goats at the zoo are very comfortable around humans. If the owner of the goat is near, call them for help. She picks at the mini-pony, and even my 2 huge dogs. Should I keep them apart for a little while or let them head butt it out? Any advice? And also, could he have gotten Ginger pregnant also even though he couldn’t reach her? Just wanted to add my two cents. However, the fact that the new underdog used to be the dominant one means he has a personality that might mean he doesn’t really want to do that. If the wether doesn’t have horns, the odds are not good that the horned goat will stop. Unfortunately they all have theirs horns and have been raised together as far as we know. I’m worried that separating the pair will stress them out but once the babies are born I pretty much have to right? Sometimes the underdog will realize that if they just lay down, the other goat can’t usually hurt them. We have the mommy and baby separated and only allow them with the pregnant female and buck under a watchful eye for short peeiods. I was told we shouldn’t separate them because then the head butting will start all over again. Be careful with it so it doesn’t go down the wrong way. She beats the crap out of him, her back legs trembling and everything. I have now separated them as i cant stand it…but dont have space to keep them apart as that camp is actually for my cow. Should I be worried? I’m assuming you’re not milking because they normally get grain on the milk stand anyway. Typically they do that because someone thought it was cute to “butt heads” with them when they were little, so they think it’s an acceptable way to communicate with people. I just recently (5 days ago) introduced another polled 4 month old buck and he doesn’t seem to fight back whatsoever. Thank you for your quick response ! One set of twin Nigerian wetness. The mix is very sweet and never fights back. I have two full-grown goats and they are all very familiar with each other because we take walks in the evenings. They just have to work it out on their own. The bully kidded January 8 and the smallest doe kidded January 22. If you get more goats, they will have to sort out their pecking order. Even if she gives birth vaginally, she could wind up with internal tearing that could create scar tissue and make future kiddings dangerous. There was a clear pecking order in our heard, but now the lowest one is really bullying the one that was the original leader. The kids don’t know that they are only supposed to nurse from their own mom, and if they try to nurse from another mom, she will butt them, bite them, etc. It’s probably not as bad as it looks, and if one is running away, that’s good. No horns on anyone. Thanks. Typically, however, the adults are so busy head butting they just ignore the kids. And I need her to put weight on not loose more. Any reason why?, Your email address will not be published. A doe only comes into heat about once every three weeks, but you may not realize it until he’s mounting her, and then it’s too late. Getting another goat won’t stop the head butting because then they will still have to figure out who’s boss with the new goat. They are all dwarfs but the dominant one is definitely bigger than our other male. or is there a chance they will injure each other badly? She is eating and drinking fine, no stool/worm issues, and her Famancha score is great. 5 Does and a wither. They usually get things worked out. If you doe had tissue hanging out, it sounds the buck tore something with his horns. I have a veterinary mobile clinic coming in Wednesday but am wondering if there is anything you know about the subject. Usually, in spite of the severity of the head banging, no one gets hurt. She should be with other kids her age. Be suspicious of all farm animals. Should we have another coop so the other goats have a place over cover? If he starts to lose weight, you may have to figure out how to feed him separately. This is not that unusual. I have never heard of an aggressive ram changing. Always be ready to fight one off at the sight of one. I’ve never heard of does hurting each other with head butting. You really can’t stop him from doing that. Last January I was asked to take 2 bottle bucklings that we raised and wethered, not wanting to have any breedings once they were put with the girls. He lost his companion 4 months ago so yesterday we introduced a 11 week old buck pygmy with horns. I have a female sheep, a male goat and a black bellied ram. This will keep them from getting too pushy when reintroducing the girls with their kids. I had 4 goats. But the kids will also have to learn that they can only nurse off their own mom, so they will get butted away a few times. We picked the two babies up a week apart from one another but they were from the same farm originally. I have two 1 year old Pygmy wethers (brothers).This week the bigger one got very sick and I had to put him in a separate pen to recover. They relax with time. What can I do? There is no guarantee that the underdog will use it, but maybe he will, and it may help you feel slightly better because you’ve given him the option. Ideally the buck will have his own male friend — either another buck or a wether (castrated male) — because bucks and does should not be kept together all the time. Every goat has to have a place in the pecking order, which does not necessarily translate to their relationships with people. It is “normal” for goats to be aggressive towards kids other than their own. It’s too bad the seller didn’t ask if you had any horned goats. The other female, however, os much larger, has horns and is very aggressive. We have started stalling the bully and her kid in a stall at night by themselves but all of them are in the pasture together during the day. I think one of the does lost her baby from being butted in the sides so much. I just wanted to add that this owner should be careful of this in hot weather. Most goats have a different relationship with humans than they do with the other goats in the herd. HaTsUnE_NeKo. Like  Slate  and the Explainer  on Facebook. In that case, they may act like this forever. Thank you for your comments I have now separated the Buck from the Does . You would want to get one that was equally matched — same size, same horn status, and roughly same age. If you do NOT push on their head or pat on their head when they are little, they don’t normally behave inappropriately with people when they are older. I have heard some horror stories about does with horns, but those are pretty rare. (not the other, from some reason) The only concern is that he won’t go in the shed, being afraid of the new dominant male. i am so worried they will gore each other or as your comment above. Many people are choosing to raise goats as part of a sustainable lifestyle. A goat could wind up with a broken neck if they stick their head under it and another one slams into their body. I wouldn’t be concerned. It seems that attacks extremely rare but have happened. You might find they are spending too much time inside. This sort of dominance display is common among bison, which pose over younger rivals they have killed to impress the rest of the herd, but is virtually unheard of in mountain goats. But I did have a goat continue fighting one time unless he had a concussion and was staggering around with his eyes going in different directions. It’s really not a good idea to keep a buck with does 365 days a year. Since they have horns, I would keep the new ones separate from the males until they are at least a few months old and closer in size. I got 3 Boer goats that were born late December 2019. Unless he is losing weight, he is still getting enough to eat, and that’s all that’s really important. This is totally normal. She is almost acting like she is concussed or has brain damage. I just don’t know what to do. They have plenty of room so that is not the issue. Thank you! I’ve heard of rams (male sheep) fighting to the death because they don’t back down. I have personally been in a position to try to stop it when a buck got into a doe pen, and it’s close to impossible. Is this normal? If you ever want to keep any doelings, it’s a good idea to just buy a second buck to keep this guy company. Is this normal. If they keep fighting, that’s when one really gets hurt. There is a pecking order with them but they get along. Unbeknownst to us, one of them was pregnant. What do I do?? I am worried about his well being. It is normal for moms to be protective of their babies. Flight distance is defined as the space between themselves and others the sheep will tolerate before moving. I’m feeding it 15-20% if it’s body weight over 5 feedings a day and it’s almost always crying for more food an hour after I fed it. I recently purchased 2 Kiko bucks about 8 months old. Other than providing multiple feeding areas, there is not much more you can do. That’s actually a very popular cross for diaries. The baby is 5 days old. Is this normal? You don’t want them locked up in a barn all day long, every day because they need fresh air. One single Nigerian wether and an Olberhasi. It’s usually once done once. There are so many problems that could be caused by too much grain — enterotoxemia, goat polio, bloat, diarrhea, to name a few. Their behavior is becoming more aggressive which I assume means more mature. Now the mother is hitting the daughters baby kid. Bobcat footprints will not have toenail marks, as coyotes' and dogs' do. One with horns one without. If she has horns, then yes, they should absolutely be separated. My herd has suddenly singled out one doe and they won’t allow her to take shelter inside the building.

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